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About our law firm – a new attitude towards legal service

The relationship between the client and the lawyer is a unique link of trust, which is unlike any of other relations occur in the field of business sector. During our dedicated work we have based our working methods on this attitude.

In our law firm we have implemented a special working method during which we deliver service only to emphasised clients. Firstly we analyze their situation and structure, get to know their real expectations and priorities, then both short-term and long-term aims. Thanks to this attitude we can ensure clients value-added and high-standard service which is more than pure legal representation; we provide them complex legal solutions including a wide range of activities from the analysis of risks until delivering results to encountered problems to help our clients to be successful.

Our law firm cooperates mostly with public sector bodies but our clients range from legal entities of the financial sector, companies of the IT and R+D to emerging firms in the field of heavy-industry.

We offer our service of conducting public procurement processes in association with the Hungarian Official Public Procurement Advising Ltd.



civil law and law of economics

public procurement

bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings

corporate law, company registration, capital expenditure

institution management



Research topics:

law of public procurement – disproportionately or abnormally low price

law of public procurement – resubmission of missing documents vs. time frame during which the tenderer must maintain its tender



Overview on the name partner Dr. Zoltán Guba’s professional experience:

  • Author of a study (2015) – published it in a noted law journal titled Ügyvédvilág whose publisher is the Wolters Kluwer
  • Presenter and lecturer (2015) – one-day-long presentation at a well-respected conference organized in Budapest on the new legal surrounding of public procurement in Hungary
  • Expert of Milieu (2014) – participated in the modification procedure of the review procedures concerning public procurement procedures
  • Presenter and lecturer (2014) – presentations at well-respected conferences in connection with the new Civil Code and its regulations referring to the public procurements
  • Guest lecturer of the University of Miskolc Faculty of Law (from 2013)
  • Invited expert (2011) by the European Commission to its professional conference held in Brussels about public procurement
  • Professional Participant (2011) – Expert of the consultation about the modernization of the field of public procurement organized by the European Commission
  • Founder of Guba Law Firm (2011) – established his own law firm
  • Member of the Working Party (2010) – participated in the professional working party established for the elaboration of the new act on public procurement processes, invited by Public Procurement Council
  • Managing director of the Hungarian Official Public Procurement Advising Ltd (2010)
  • Official Public Procurement Advisor (from 2007) – officially accredited member of the register
  • Partner of the 10th Law Firm of Miskolc (2007)
  • Bar exam fulfilled with excellent results (2007) – valued the best grades of all of the subjects
  • Associate (2003-2007).


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